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2017_tl_001When I found out that I was pregnant, I was 25 years old and already had a 4 year old son. I felt scared, nervous and unsure of what to do. I felt to be 25 years old at the time, I had much more to accomplish and I wasn’t ready to be a mom for the second time. 

I came to Care Net Peninsula because I was given their business card during a previous pregnancy at a local clinic. They treated me so well and welcomed me with open arms that it was only right that I returned with this pregnancy. 

When I came to Care Net Peninsula never felt judged for my choices I made in my life. I was always treated like I was important and they showed me respect.  2017_tl_002

Since coming, I have built more confidence, I am happy to be a proud mom of my son and now baby girl thanks to Care Net Peninsula. I learned to own my decisions and make the best of it. 

Because of your support of our ministry, Tierra beat the odds of having an abortion! Please pray for Tierra and her children as she grows in confidence and love as a mother. 

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